1306, 2024

DIY Boat Repair Tips for Minor Scratches and Gelcoat Damage

June 13, 2024|Resources|

Owning a boat is a joy, but maintaining its pristine condition can be challenging. Minor scratches and gel coat damage are common issues that, if left unattended, can compromise your boat's appearance and value. This guide will walk you through DIY boat repair tips for keeping your vessel in top shape. Whether you're a first-time boat owner or a seasoned marine hobbyist, these tips will help you confidently tackle minor scratches and gel coat [...]

1305, 2024

Wet Sanding 101: When and How to Properly Wet Sand Your Boat

May 13, 2024|Resources|

Wet Sanding 101: Preparing Your Boat for the Process Boats are not just a means of transportation; they are a passion, a lifestyle, and, for many, a significant investment. Maintaining your boat's aesthetic and structural integrity is paramount, and wet sanding is crucial in this maintenance. Unlike dry sanding, wet sanding is less abrasive on your boat's surface, reducing the amount of dust and providing a smoother finish. This guide dives into wet [...]

1604, 2024

How Often Should You Detail Your Boat? A Seasonal Guide

April 16, 2024|Resources|

The Ultimate Boat Detailing Schedule: Your Seasonal Guide to Marine Maintenance For boat enthusiasts and seasoned sailors alike, maintaining your watercraft’s glossy charm is as vital as keeping the sails high. But how often should you detail your boat or as most of us would call it our beloved vessel, and is there a universal schedule that fits all boats? The answer, quite like the dance of the waves, is intricate and carefully choreographed [...]

1403, 2024

Sun Damage and Your Boat: Prevention and Protection Techniques

March 14, 2024|Resources|

Boating is a cherished pastime, a source of livelihood for many, and an all-around fun way to connect with the great outdoors. However, the very elements that make boating enjoyable, such as the sun and the sea, can also be fiercely unforgiving, especially when it comes to keeping your vessel in top condition. Sun damage is an often ignored menace that can slowly degrade the beauty and function of your boat. In this in-depth [...]

1502, 2024

Spring Cleaning for Your Boat: The Post-Winter Detailing Checklist

February 15, 2024|Resources|

As the days lengthen and the weather warms, boat enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the return to the water. However, the transition from winter storage to springtime cruising isn't as simple as just dropping your vessel into the water. A comprehensive post-winter detailing process is crucial—ensuring your boat not only looks its best but also functions safely and effectively. This guide is designed to help boat owners usher in the new season with a sparkling and [...]

1701, 2024

Winterizing Your Boat: Essential Steps for Off-Season Protection

January 17, 2024|Resources|

As the chill of winter starts to creep in, boat owners must turn their attention to the crucial task of winterizing their vessels. This process, often overlooked by novices, is a critical step in extending the life and maintaining the performance of your boat. Winterization protects your boat from the harsh winter conditions, preventing potential damage such as freezing or corrosion. By following some essential steps, you can ensure your boat weathers the off-season [...]

712, 2023

Interior Detailing Tips for Boats

December 7, 2023|Resources|

Boat ownership involves much more than just enjoying the open water; proper maintenance and detailing are part and parcel of the experience. A well-kept boat not only looks appealing but also ensures better performance and longevity. Interior detailing, in particular, plays a crucial role in maintaining your watercraft's aesthetics and comfort. The following tips will provide a comprehensive guide for boat owners on how to undertake effective interior detailing, keeping your boat in top [...]

2111, 2023

Peter Anderson Festival Weekend Recap

November 21, 2023|Resources|

Peter Anderson Festival Weekend Recap We had a fantastic weekend at the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, on November 4th & 5th.  This festival had more than 150,000 visitors from all over the United States and was an excellent opportunity for us to engage with potential customers.  We ended up with interest from clients from Orange Beach, AL, all the way to Mandeville, LA, but most were from the immediate area of [...]

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